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An Even More Comprehensive List of Potassium Foods

Crack Your Own “Potassium Code” by Getting Systematic About Your Potassium Uptake to Help Prevent or Even Vanquish Many Health Problems in the Process


Adequate amounts of potassium intake a very likely not achieved on average in the typical modern American diet.


As you look at the list of foods below you can see a variety of different foods and their potassium values. Is recommend on average we get 4700 mg a day for potassium.  Note: click the arrows at the bottom left to move from page to page in the embedded pdf to move from page to page

On the other hand what other habits does one do that drains nutrients from their system? We can intake valuable nutrients but then if we have nutrient leeching habits we could also drain them also in the process. There are certain types of foods that are nutrient leechers. And the average American diet eats way too many of these nutrient leaching Foods. So consider that the average daily allowance or recommended amount of potassium may not consider the excessive use of nutrients leaching Foods.

And we don’t want to overdo it with potassium or really any other nutrient because our bodies are in a certain balance. Our bodies are made up of many layers of overlapping ebbing and flowing balances.

Now our body tends to have a decent amount of buffer for having too much or too little of this or that but there are limits. And additionally if we keep pushing the edge of a buffer range over time we may likely cause problems in the body. That may seem obvious, but it is argued that most people probably don’t think of that when it comes to their daily nutrient intake habits.

You can see that potassium is in all sorts of foods below. That’s good news and help bring relief to over concerned worries about potassium. That said it’s shocking how most people have a hard time even getting an adequate amount of these whole normal foods as listed below. And no tv dinners and fast food are processed nutrient drained foods and are not whole normal Foods.

There is potassium in natural form in all sorts of foods from: fruits to veggies to seeds to nuts to grains to fish and other meats tomilk and yogurt too..

So check out this list below to help you get more organized and developing your systematic eating plan so you can start to incorporate more potassium into your diet. This is of particular concern to those who have high blood pressure and those who have diabetes or blood sugar issues. That said you want to be mindful of your proper potassium intake types as per condition you are addressing. If you want more potassium to help with a blood sugar issue then you would likely not load up on fruits and sweets or carb based foods like potatoes in order to get your potassium but you would look to get your potassium from other non carbohydrate insulin stimulating sources.


[pdf-embedder url=”https://velocityliving.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/PotassiumValuesofFood1.pdf” title=”PotassiumValuesofFood(1)”]



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