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What’s the Best Water to Drink – Learn from Dr. Morse Experience

Over 5 decades and over 200,000 patients Dr. Morse knows what’s up and what’s down.  Learn from his experience with drinking water.  

Drinking water has become quite a confusing topic for, well, the planet.

Many have jumped into distilled water and reverse osmosis water thinking that was the way to go.  Then they realize, they kinda of feel run down, even immune weakened after a while.  Why? Because Reverse Osmosis / distilled water has a pH of 5!  That’ s acidic.  And we have too much acid these days which is a root of the cancer proliferation explosion. So having acidic water is a concern.  But for periodic cleansing purposes, reverse osmosis and distilled water can be beneficial. 

So What’s The Conclusion?  What Water Should We Drink?

But Dr. Morse has been through the years and the trends in regards to water and the best water to drink. Find out more from his expertise in the video below.   We found this to be helpful.  He sounds like he has come to a similar conclusion as Dr. Sebi from a prior water video of his.

  • Should we add minerals back in?
  • I thought rock minerals will mess up our insides and calcify our organs and bodies if we drink water with minerals?
  • Water that energizes vs. water that drains your energy
  • Do you have the kidneys to handle being able to consistently filter bad water?

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