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Super Soldier - Med Beds

Super Soldier Exposes Long Time Hidden from You MedBed Technology – Get Med Bed Details

For real? For real.  You’ll see it soon.    In the mean time: consider these concepts  Eat a completely alkaline diet. Do organic fruit only as long as you can.  Find out about herbs, standard ones that are commonly used or that you use on a salad to acerbate healing.  Get expert education and help from guys like Dr. Robert Morse and Dr. Robert Young.   Find Dr. Sebi Diet and protocols.  Eat only organic.  Stop eating dairy.  Eat organic mean very sparingly.  If one has a problem, no meat , no dairy, no acid forming foods, no inflammatory foods, and if you do have a little then counter balance them out.  Get ALL of your essential nutrients daily mostly if not all from foods.  Keep your cell phone off, or away from you, rarely use it, keep in a faraday cage.  Get rid wifi and go all wired.  Stay far away from 5G (although there are rumors that it has been converted from murder weapon to beneficial to your health… yeah, prove it.  It can easily be switched back to bad)   Be robustly hydrated with purified, alkalized water.  Make yourself happy as in get into a happy emotionalized state, like an actor – this can heal many things on its own when you get good at doing it – got it from the Proverbs in the Bible.  Everything hidden (i.e. stated as “IU” or has very low dosages indicated as daily essential needs), suppressed, mocked, slandered in terms of nutrients in the main stream is likely good and you likely need much more of like:  Vitamin D3, iodine, omega 3, B12, vitamin E etc…   Those are some basic, off the top of the head concepts.  You can’t do bad and expect good, as what, 99% of people do.  Stop the bad.  Enhance the good.   Move  your lymph!  Get alkaline or you’re going nowwhere fast except backwards.  Blood stays at 7.4 ish pH.  It’s the interstitial tissues that, according to Dr. Robert Young, you want at 8.2 pH or so which is ALKALINE.   Seek professional health care help, one that is knowledgeable, who knows how to heal people and who is not secretly trying to make you sick, sicker or just terminate you…

Check out this Super Soldier Channel.  We Have Tech that is BEYOND Star Trek.   Hear this Detail Explanation on Med Beds


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