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The Truth about EMFS and solutions with Matt Roeske and the DTH podcast

The Truth about EMFS and solutions with Matt Roeske and the DTH podcast

Today on DTH we will be discussing the history of EMF frequencies and how they effect our health. We’ll be diving into the EMF time line starting from when it first rolled out and the notable illness statistics that coincide with it. We’ll be learning more about the newest 5g rollout. And finally what we can do in our homes to mitigate frequency exposure as well as other solutions and super foods that can help support our bodies to mitigate EMF damage.

My guest joining me today is Matt Roeske, founder of Cultivate Elevate. Their mission is to bring back information that has been suppressed, that has caused our society to become sicker and weaker, through educating and empowering individuals to rise above the state of fear and realize that there are always solutions. 

Discussion Topics:
– EMFs – what are they and when they became a mainstay in society
How EMFs alter and affect our health

-EMF timeline and the relation to illness. Including notable corresponding events throughout the EMF rollout through today

-5g roll out -what we need to know

-How to mitigate frequencies in our homes

-Solutions or superfoods that can help support and strengthen our bodies and help mitigate the damage from EMFs

Contact Matt Roeske and check out his Super Food Products Here:
Website: www.cultivateelevate.com
Instagram: CultivateElevate2
Telegram: https://t.me/ElevateThyMind

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