Harmonizing the earth with Electroculture

Harmonizing the earth with Electroculture

Matt Roeske of the popular blog, CultivateElevate, joins Reinette Senum again to go into ElectroCulture, how to stimulate garden growth through copper, bird songs, volcanic clay, structured water, and so much more.

One by one, we can counter the assault against our farms, food, environment, and our bodies without asking for anybody’s permission or policy change. This interview proves to us our salvation is in our hands!

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1:50 Tell us a little about how you got into all of this (electroculture)
4:00 More Pollinators with Electroculture in Scottsdale Arizona
5:25 Assisting the sap of the plants and copper color spectrum
9:10 How do I start electroculture?
11:30 *3 Tips to elevate your garden
19:15 Energy Exchange with Humans and Plants
22:00 Ego on the food system and harmonizing the area
26:45 Wars as Resets
30:00 *Creating Independence and structured water with gardening
33:00 Linens and saying positive words before eating
36:00 Levitating Fish and stirring to Create structure
41:00 Industries creating industries due to straight lines
43:00 Structured water: What are the benefits?
47:00 Community and how things can change overnight
51:30 *Lightning rods: The inverted truth
55:00 Water, food, and the revolution

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