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The Healing Home: Electroculture with Matt and Michelle

The Healing Home: Electroculture with Matt and Michelle

This week, I’m honored to welcome Matt Roeske of Cultivate Elevate into the Healing Home. Join us as we discuss Electroculture, what it is, its origins and how this ancient practice of harnessing the earth’s electromagnetic frequency can help increase the health, yield and life cycle of your crops and entire garden.

"Matt founded Cultivate Elevate to bring back information that has been suppressed and caused our society to become sicker and weaker. Our mission is to educate and empower individuals to rise above the state of fear because there are always solutions."

3:00 How did you get into electroculture?
6:00 Pyramid power and the Dunce Cap
14:00 Plants and Emotions with EKG system
19:45 The purpose of Dams
23:00 Removing the transportation of the food
29:00 WW Resets and Sacred Buildings understood Electroculture
33:10 Energy of Copper and Venus
43:00 Wood Fence and Wood Waves
48:00 Superfoods and how they relate to healing

Michelle’s Healing Home
Website: https://www.michelleshealinghome.com

Matt Roeske
Website: https://cultivateelevate.com/

Intro song: "The Protector"
By: Blackwater Holylight
Used w/ permission from Blackwater Holylight

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