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Electroculture: How to start in 2023 with Matt and Shai

Electroculture: How to start in 2023 with Matt and Shai

Today Matt and Shai discuss how to get started with electroculture. They go through the history of electroculture, how electroculture can help our planet, how Matt got into electroculture, how electroculture can change the way we look at gardening, earth’s energy versus man made energies, and much more!

Matt Roeske founded Cultivate Elevate to bring back information that has been suppressed and caused our society to become sicker and weaker. Our mission is to educate and empower individuals to rise above the state of fear because there are always solutions.

Matt’s website – https://cultivateelevate.com/electroculture/
Shai’s website – https://alive528.com/video/19925/
Shai’s telegram – https://t.me/Raisingthefrequency

5:25 Easiest way to start electroculture
8:30 Copper rings and the purpose?
11:30 How did you get into electroculture?
14:30 Crop circles and how it all began
20:00 Solutions to a toxic terrain
26:00 Large scale applications and multiple ways to elevate your garden
33:00 Antennas for animals
36:00 Sacred buildings and Gardens next to it
39:00 Electroculture skeptics?
47:00 Water taking on the terrain and Consciousness
49:30 Destructured water
55:08 Cell towers Vs Electroculture Antennas
1:00:00 Questioning everything
1:03:00 Trees and Reconnecting the human connection
1:12:00 Grounding for 30 days straight
1:15:00 Removal of Old world Antennas
1:19:00 Shai’s Electroculture school

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