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Star Wars Space Ships Taygetans Aneeka

Star Wars and Star Trek Tech is Already Here – Check This Out!

What’s Going on Here!  Listen to How Genius this Alien Lady Named Aneeka from Taygeta Sounds in Detailed, Pinpoint Descriptions of Space Age Military Tech (Stuff I Wanted to Invent Since I Was a Kid (Hmm maybe still am a kid…) While Giving Informative Descriptions on Our Military…

  • Directed energy weapons that the USA and other countries already have.  Hear how they combine these directed energy weapons (assuming they are lasers) and focus them from different points in the world to make a more powerful beam, like the Death Star. 
  • Find out about different space ships above Earth.
  • Hear how Star Trek had it wrong about force fields.  The standard alien force field INCREASES it strength the more it gets hit since it ABSORBS energy.  See, this is what I wanted to make! I would like to make a personal version of this for self defense.  Wouldn’t that be great?  They should put these in Earthling’s cars.  It’s a disgrace how easily one gets injured from automobiles and it’s a disgrace that this hasn’t been fixed to date. 
  • These Taygetans are good looking people.   They resemble Adamic (white, shows blood in the face ADAM.  Yes according to historical research by many, the like of Adam are white folks and there were many other cultures of man before Adam, which is pretty obvious when reading Genesis). 
  • Super sophisticated science talk.  We’ll have to review more of these videos.  All talked about is very logical.   Are these real aliens or a “psy-op”?  They sure sound level headed and logical, with genuine character.   I guess it’s just best to listen as is.  Some people have a tendency to go “all in” on whatever they hear; that’s a bad habit – and then they give their dumb opinion that no one really cares to hear. 

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