Fix Your Blood Pressure by Doing the Opposite of Bad Advice While Also Increasing Your Testosterone Too


Video Notes:

  • High blood pressure is not hereditary
  • High blood pressure is caused by a lack of salt,  not refined salt that can cause high blood pressure but a lack of full spectrum full-bodied full colored sea salt that is unrefined
  • Blood pressure issues also related to low cholesterol. Recommended to eat 8-10 whole eggs a day.
  • Testosterone is made from cholesterol. Testosterone is 90 to 95% cholesterol. So why were you told to lower your cholesterol? That should make you think who told you and what was their reasoning? Who is behind this?.
  • Also who told you to eat less salt? What was their reasoning? People who eat less salt or limiting to the recommended maximum of one teaspoon a day cut 20 to 25 years off their life span. By eating 2 to 3 teaspoons of salt a day spread throughout your food that would mean real salt, sea salt that is not refined which has many many trace minerals one could potentially add 20 to 25 years of their life span well fixing a lot of other problems and their health including blood pressure but many others as well
  • Erectile dysfunction is fixed by eating 8 to 10 eggs a day so are testosterone levels. When these levels are fixed many other problems are fixed.. Of course libido function will be increased. And of course muscle mass can be increased as well. Additionally and more muscular less flabby figure can be obtained with higher testosterone levels  as obvious with bodybuilders, although  most professional bodybuilders use  chemical cheating versions of testosterone.
  • There are reasons for health problems.  Find the reason then you can find the solution.