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How To Avoid a Heart Attack and How Vegans and Vegetarians Are MORE at Risk

See this video

  • Wow this was a wakeup call
  • Plant based eating lifestyle can solve most problems but unfortunately, arguably MOST don’t do it right
  • When basing your eating off of some ideal or “arian” or some boxed up belief system you can box yourself into a series of problems
  • From experiences: A lot of vegans and vegetarians really don’t eat much fruit or vegetables at all. The go for the high starch, high in wrong types of fats, high wrong types of sugar diets. They end up becoming highly acidic from all of their wheat, starch, hybrid foods, cookies, chips, muffins, french fries and beans: they develop similar cancer rates and heart attack rates as meat eaters or worse.
  • Also vegans / vegetarians tend to eat lots of convenience foods that have fats that are low in omega 3’s and high in omega 6’s. This poor ration causes heart attacks, well actually, prevents the prevention of heart attacks.
  • Besides, we’re more designed to eat fruit than veggies.
  • See the screen shots and video below

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