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Tesla Time Travel Device Turned into a “Med Bed” Cure All…

Tesla Time Travel Device Turned into a “Med Bed” Cure All Similar to As Seen in Elysium Movie

Update on this post since it has become more popular. MedBeds are coming.  Charlie Freak and Charles Ward or Charlie Ward –  are two fellows that know more about the technology that is to be released. And yes these Med Beds are real.   Also sounds like there are variations on the medbed, as in different types of Med beds.

 Think about this:  Tesla technology is almost a century old.  Tesla combines math with electricity with magnetics.  In fact, Donald Trump’s family is heavily tied into Tesla.   It is said that he has all of Tesla’s technology specs.   It’s also interesting to know that he was working with Tesla the company and Elon Musk possibly to develop all sorts of cool Tesla Tech.

 For example I was watching a testimonial from a guy who sells PEMF (Pulsed Electric, Magnetic Field).  And these new Tesla coil based PEMF devices  created this miraculous weight loss  in this guy who’s name is Coach Jimmy.  And I saw Coach Jimmy just a few months prior looking big as a whale lol.  And Coach Jimmy went from I’m not exactly sure what weight,  will just call it 400 lb, down to this lean and mean highly energetic guy who talked a lot faster,  who had no extra body fat,  he even got rid of the belly, losing 180 lb  in just a few months, I think it was three or four months by using this Tesla coil based PEMF.

Magnetics seems to have been forgotten about or rather, hidden.   But also the  use of frequencies as many researchers, particularly  Royal Rife or Royal Raymond Rife have discovered, have the ability to do many things  with the body such as destroying bad bugs to regeneration.   Energy Healers  are even healing people with their brains with their minds such as William Bengston (and you can look up his information on YouTube as well as get his books and training so you can do this yourself at home. William essentially from my understanding channels  positive emotional energy and frequencies in line with the emotions of excitement, love, happiness, hope, and fun if fun is an emotion.  He repeatedly  bombards a bad area such as a cancer tumor and then the tumor eventually disappears and the  animal or human becomes immune to that cancer in the future according to their studies. I was listening to another energy healer who learned that you only have disease in an area of the body because the frequencies are off and so she just resets the frequency and then the body heals itself.

 In regards to the medbeds they will tune frequencies after analyzing you and fix most your problems including  wildly rapid regeneration in combination with nutrient cocktails, something like that.  They use either sound or electromagnetic frequencies to get the job done. In the future they will be using light for miraculous types of cures as  different Heaven  visitation people have mentioned which sounds quite logical.

There are all sorts of cures that are to come.   It is even possible in concept that the hydroxychloroquine + zinc done in a certain dosage and repetitious way could help with body cleanse out bad viruses such as HPV, herpes and AIDS or HIV. Natural healers have already learned how to do this with certain foods and certain herbs through a certain  methodical process.

 Regardless of all these cures which are great,  if you keep doing the bad thing it’s going to cost you.  And eventually the bad thing can catch you off-guard and cause something severe or worse.

Ultimately unless you change your habits,  thereby changing your state of being  so that  habitually operates in things that bring and maintain life and regeneration,   unless you turn towards things that bring life, turning towards the source of life, walking in the ways of life, speaking life, thinking life, feeling life (as in positive based emotions  because negative based emotions destroy in the duality of things)  you will continually encounter problems that sometimes these cures and technology may not be able to fix,  such as a systemic collapse within.  So as other great natural healers know, who use food and herbs, have found is that if you return to God, the Source and designer of all life and all there is and the ways He originally designed things,  and you make His ways, His original designed foods, His original intentions for how your body can work optimally, your habit, then you will be well and continuously well.   Those are some deep thoughts. But you can reprogram your habits  and do so for maximum living, even Velocity LIVING!…   

Of course if you’ve had any severe kinetic accident or poisoning or things like that you will need emergency quick fixes to help save your life or help put you back together.  Will these Med beds be able to do that? It sounds like they can do a lot of it. I’m not sure though if they can if you’ve had gashes and bones out of line and things like that.  Maybe a good surgeon, a good plastic surgeon could help you out with that and then the med beds could heal you up quickly from there  into optimal form. But I bet they have some protocols to using med beds with an emergency.  In fact in the movie Elysium if I remember it correctly,   was able to fix and regenerate a guy who got pretty messed up with a shotgun and I believe had his face pretty well blown off  and that medbed  machine there “of the elites”  was able to regenerate the guy’s face or  torso, I can’t remember exactly it’s been awhile, back to perfect form.  Now it is a movie but as we are finding out, a lot of the things in the movies were put there showing what actually  existed but  was hidden from you.

 There are many ways for establishing health in the body and then superior health and then even superhuman  health naturally. We have products in the queue if not launched already that will teach you these types of things. Join our newsletter to hear about the announcements of these product releases.

All  of the new technology releases  will be great. But ultimately we’re all going to need to know how to optimize the body so we can avoid problems in the first place at least non-emergency types of problems. But even on that note if you can learn from our programs how to move better, how to be more coordinated, how to put on a performance mind-state with many of our very powerful mind-state Performance Products that we are releasing on another website although we will looked across correlate here,  you’ll be able to strengthen the body properly and become much more coordinated, agile and athletic. And actually we have already started to cross correlate with some of our Velocity BURN products using perform as mind state concepts  regarding how to move in more coordinated, safe and efficient ways.

So join our newsletter and get started. We are in process of launching, at least to the point of this typing and we have started to launch some  products already. And maybe in the future, by the time you read this statement, we will have launched a ton of our products. But here are some products that you can access already:

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 On each site you can join the newsletters there to be updated on all sorts of information but product releases as well.

 I hope that helps. If you have any questions you can simply respond to one of our newsletter emails and we get those  responses.

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