Spinach is in Eye Health Vision support Super Food!

Spinach… Super powered eye health right under our eyes pun intended…

I never knew that spinach was such a superfood for the eyes!

They could significantly boost Eye Health and fight macular degeneration. This is especially important these days with so much of this tech device over usage.

Check this out:  Spinach – has  up to 12.6 mg lutein/zeaxanthin, 13.3 lutein and 5.9 mg zeaxanthin.  this is according to the USDA nutrition database for a cup of raw spinach.  And it’s so easy to cup of raw spinach. That’s pretty much one or two hand grabs.   Just grab two handfuls of raw spinach leaves and stuff it in your mouth like a caveman per day.  it will be fun! And you’ll be contributing to Super eye health and maybe you’ll help reverse deteriorating eye conditions.

There’s much more to talk about in regards to deteriorating eye conditions. We’re going to look at reversing macular degeneration into the future. We’re going to look at reversing glaucoma naturally in the future.   You’ll be surprised with a little bit of logic knowledge and understanding can do for your health when it comes to fixing healthy things…

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