Time to Take My Medicine – Coffee Mug, 11oz – Heart Shape


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Time to Take My Medicine  – Coffee Mug, 11oz – Heart Shape. Use this Mug as A Handy Reminder that Good Organic Coffee Has a Lot of Very Important Health Benefits.   See below:

It’s good to research the health benefits of coffee.  It’s quite surprising.

According to an Healthline article:

+ Coffee makes you smarter by increasing neuronal firing in the brain while increasing the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine.  

+ Coffee helps with weight loss by triggering the release of fat to be burned for energy. 

+ Coffee helps exercise related performance by up to 12% on average. 

+ Helps boost blood sugar digestion health reducing risk of related disease named conditions by 23% to 67%. 

+ Helps prevent brain deterioration related diseased named conditions. 

+ Healthline also lists studies showing strong benefits for the liver lowering risk of cirrhosis up to 80% while reducing risk of liver cancer (interstitial liver plumbing problems) up to 40%.  

+ Of course, food as medicine depends on the dosage of that food and cyclic frequency of consumption, the quality of coffee, the purity of that coffee, the concentration of the coffee and so on… If you are looking for health benefits from coffee then your coffee can’t be loaded with hidden toxins, pesticides either. 

+ A PubMed study even goes on to say that “drinking coffee was associated with a lower risk of death by all causes”.   

+ Coffee is loaded with Antioxidants and other nutrients.  Organic coffee grown in rich soil will tend to have the most nutrients and widest spectrum of nutrients.

You can use this mug to start thinking more in terms of using “Food as Medicine” in a more strategic way for much easier good health. 


Health benefits of coffee are associated with black coffee, not necessarily coffee with a lot of other stuff added.. A natural, organic sweetener could add more benefits unless it’s cane sugar.   If you add other substances to your coffee the challenge would be to make sure they are health beneficial.

The acid forming aspect of coffee can be countered through alkaline water or alkaline forming foods or supplements.


These coffee mugs are 100% ceramic. there are no BPAs, and they’re microwave-safe.

.: Material: 100% ceramic 

.: One size: 11 oz. (0.33 l)

.: Glossy finish

.: C-shaped handle

.: NB! Hand wash recommended

11oz.  Height 3.80″, Diameter 3.23″.  Diameter (with handle) 4.76″

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