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Oops Don’t Open Your 3rd Eye or Do Psychedelic Drugs or You Let Demons In?

Uh oh.  These guys found the hard way by listening to various new age nonsense (although it sounds like they didn’t learn that much…).  But these guys, 2 of them who tripped out on LSD or some other hallucinogen mentioned that they “opened their 3rd eye” and they had the most horrific demon experiences that rocked them to their core.  They felt fear and terror to unimaginable levels – both had their own individual experiences.  Yes don’t do drugs.   Sounds like one of those Hell visitation testimonies.  Have you ever seen one of those?  That’ll freak you out too!    It will wake up making you to get right with your Maker FAST!  

So maybe all of this “open your 3rd eye” mumbo jumbo is actually a wicked trick in disguise.  Hey, if it goes “woooooo” it’s probably really, really bad…

On that note check out all of those demon possession by yoga videos out there.  Nuts!  Yeah, certain experts say that each one of those yoga poses is a worship pose to a demon god.  Wow time to find some other exercise. 

Be well and prosper.  Stay away from bad crap. 

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