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Matt Roeske – Electroculture Basics For Gardening & A Healthier Body!

Matt Roeske - Electroculture Basics For Gardening & A Healthier Body!

1:00 Why we were deleted in 2021
6:10 How did it all begin?
10:10* Fear Frequency
11:30 What is Electroculture?
17:00 The Iron takeover
22:00 Differences in Soil with Electroculture?
24:00 Should the copper be touching the soil?
32:00 Tiffany and Co related to copper and astrology
33:00 Ormus
42:30 Vortex and the spirals of life
50:00 The power of the Pine Tree
52:00 Instinct
56:20 The power of Linen sheets
58:50 Grounding and has the terrain changed?
1:07:00 Plants and Awareness Energy Exchange
1:10:00 Dan Carlson Sonic Bloom
1:21:00 Recap of the video

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In this show I talke with Matt Roeske from Cultivate Elevate all about how electroculture can help supercharge our garden but also radically improve your overall health an immunity. Do not miss this episode!

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