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Free Water Generator

Incredible – New Method for Generating Water Out of Thin Air –

You’ve heard of a humidifier right? You probably have used a humidifier haven’t you? Will there’s a new level of ” humidifier”  then you can make from home that pull water out of the air up to 20 gallons per day per machine. And you can make these machines pretty easily from home just following this system.

I would look at the information and get crack-a-lackin’ on it.  Dive in.   Maybe your kids can make it for you as a project.

 If you’ve learned the value of having clean water and water for free this is huge. 

 You could also look into the concept of digging and well.   That could be complicated or not. You have to check with your city ordinances. You have to look at the risks as well do your property, to your house. And also you have to look into seeing if your water is clean enough for drinking. You would think that welled water out of dirt would not be the cleanest. You’ll probably have to purify it from there but so what. At least if you can access free water from a well, well… that’s great too!  Add to your personal power:  figure out how to dig a well.  And use this new breakthrough method of generating up to 20 gallons of pure water from the air per day. Be liberated from others controlling (and poisoning) your water.

 So imagine having purified water continually being generated out of thin air. Increase your personal power and independence from the “evil matrix”.  Imagine just being able to pull water out of the air – that is powerful! And if you think about it it’s nearly unlimited because let’s just say a bunch of people were using this machine and they were drying the air out.   Guess what that’s going to do? That’s just simply going to attract moisture from other areas such as the ocean or lakes. It all gets cycled back around on this planet so there’s not a worry.

 As water evaporates from the Earth it goes into the clouds and gets purified and sent down as pure water, like distilled water, for the most part. Sure there may be pollution in the air it picks up depending on where you live. But you can easily filter that out with a good filter.

Rainwater is usually associated with being distilled water and distilled water is pure water where there nothing is in it, no contaminants yet also no minerals. Having minerals in your water is good!  The best ratio is usually associated with spring water. 

The cycle of water in nature is that: the Earth rains and then the water goes through the Earth and gets filtered through the Earth while adding minerals into the water to balance out the water usually to the pH near 7, which is an even pH. If you measure most spring water’s pH you’ll find that the pH is around 7. If you measure the pH of pure distilled water for rainwater you’re going to find an acid pH between 5 and 6usually.

 Drinking acid water is not good for you.  Okay drinking distilled water for certain cleansing purposes for a short period of time may have its benefits.  But after that, it drains minerals from the body and starts wearing down your teeth in a similar way to if you drink sodas or diet sodas which are considered to be acidic or if you drank lemon juice or vinegar. Acid will wear down the teeth and so will distilled water, although not as strongly as soda or lemon juice.

 As the water goes through the Earth it takes up valuable minerals, minerals, electrolytes that your body needs. Actually, water filters mimic the Earth in how they layer their filters. 

Most successful Healthcare professionals recommend Spring Water. That’s the most natural form of water humans drink. The similar concept goes with well water where the water is underground in the water tables and after the rain water goes through the Earth it is filtered yes but it also picks up valuable minerals that are important for the human body.

So therefore when you get this water generator from the link below that  creates water from thin air  you will have an  extremely valuable asset and you’ll increase your personal power. You’ll have this pure water which then you can add minerals of your choice. I have a reverse osmosis machine at home and when I drink that water I always add minerals to it. My favorite is to just add Himalayan sea salt. There are actually many therapeutic protocols that use Himalayan sea salt and water. It feels really good. But drinking reverse osmosis water straight does not feel good to the body. It wears on the teeth and depresses the immune system since it’s Acidic.

 Sometimes I’ll add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of baking soda usually in the morning to boost my alkalinity in my body which thereby boost my immune system.

 On the other hand there are all sorts of mineral drops and Mineral powder is available that you can find on Amazon for adding clean, valuable minerals of your choosing. Now you can purposefully pick the ratios and minerals that you want in your water thereby increasing your daily average health to greater levels.

 A lot of people do not take care of their water. They don’t get organized about making sure they are drinking lots of clean water every day. They don’t make sure they’re drinking water that empowers them. Most people you could say drink water that is loaded with toxins and that this empowers their body making their days more difficult and while continually depressing the  strength of their immune system.

 Check out more information here – Click Here – on this very valuable method for generating water out of thin air. Learn how to build your own machine so you can build multiple water generator machines and have as much pure water as you want. Each machine which is inexpensive to build can and generate 20 gallons of pure clean water per day. Check out more information:

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