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david avocado wolfe speaks to matt roeske on Electroculture

david avocado wolfe speaks to matt roeske on Electroculture

David Avocado Wolfe speaks to Matt Roeske about one of the hottest topics in plant growing: electroculture. It is simple and easy to do. And it works. Try this and many of the other simple lifestyles and health ideas we share in this podcast. Enjoy!

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0:30 what is electroculture?
2:00 What energies are the antennas harnessing?
5:00 Broken branches coming bak to life
7:00 benefits to electroculture
11:20 Additional steps to elevate your garden
16:00 Where can I use electroculture?
17:00 What are you up to with electroculture?
19:48 Is more copper better?
23:00 Star forts? And have you seen them?
27:00 Primary water and the untold truth
31:25 Building antennas like the land you are living on
34:00 How going organic changed everything
37:15 How did you get into all of this
38:30 viktor schauberger and what do you think of his work?
42:00 Dreams of the future?

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