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Free Energy from Fruit

Actual Electricity in Foods Can Power Up a Light Bulb


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Creating fruit battery science projects is a great way for children to learn about the way electricity works. A popular concept, these experiments are inexpensive and explore the way in which the fruit’s acid combine with electrodes such as zinc and copper to produce an electric current. While the current generated by a single piece of fruit is quite weak, variations of these science projects are available that produce more substantial amounts of power.

Basic Fruit Battery

A basic fruit battery can be made using a fresh lemon. ….

Fruit Powered Clock

While a single lemon battery produces less than one volt of electricity, connecting two lemon batteries with a copper wire can power a small digital clock….

Fruit Powered Light

Connect a series of lemons together in the same manner described in Section 2 to power a flashlight bulb or other small light bulb. …

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