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5G Now Extinction Level Event where Only Bacteria and Viruses Will Survive

5G Now Extinction Level Event where Only Bacteria and Viruses Will Survive – 5 Generations all Humans, Plants & Animals will Be Gone According to Top Scientists and British Military Microwave Expert

Here are some notes from the video

  • 5g at similar frequencies as cells in body
  • More than one wave can ride or hide upon the other
  • Mind control
  • Delayed cancer.  Even with moderate wifi exposure low level Wifi microwaves caused mutations that manifest as cancer and more.
  • Destruction of reproductive elements Destruction of DNA in women’s eggs
  • 40 leading scientist warned 5g harmful to all living system
  • Top level wave – same as active denial wave size :crowd control ( made to control sleeping
    giants that are timed to arise on the earth (the Nephilim Rephiam that are in stasis chambers around the earth – see Steve Quayle videos for more info on that)
  • 4g – blood sugar digestion disruption Wifi – a diabetes cause?
    as weapon different frequencies that cause bowls to collapse, heart attack etc Heart attack assassination guns
  • in 60 years only 1 in 8 children can be born healthy
  • entire species can be extinct in 5 generations
  • bad bacteria and viruses become more strong with microwaves, bacteria produce super
    rapidly under microwaves then become immune to antibiotics
  • Extinction program
  • Dumb satanists have gotten conned by lying its self, the inventor of the lie and the father of the lie and the one who can’t break his own nature, fooled into trying to destroy the people’s of the earth.
  • Wifi, smart meters can cause infant deaths and wreck your children for the rest of their lives and generations to come by corrupting their dna and mutating girl’s eggs of which were formed at embryonic stage.
  • Every living thing besides bacteria and viruses – is effected by microwaves And you have no where to go with microwaves since beamed from satellites.
  • Wired internet is far more stable and much more quick
  • There is much better wireless tech than cell tower microwaves and wifi.  5G needs immediate destruction and replacement.   But you, we all better take action now or it will be too late.


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