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What Minerals to Take to Cure What Thing

Video Notes – See Video for Details and Accuracy

  • Fibromialgia – selenium  Injects animal with selenium.
  • Cal/mag – restless leg – me
  • Heart burn sea salt, calcium
  • Arthritis – multiple min deficiencies
  • Type 2 diabetes is a lack of vanadium chromium plus 23 trace minerals def –
  • Blood pressure : lack of magnesium
  • Asthma – supplements, wallach, from leaky gut – foods leak through and immune system treats as enemy, develop anti body, and every time you eat allergy food – immune triggers. But when you develop hyper immune system start getting allergic to lots of thins. When Glidden himself ate foods he became allergic too – that would trigger allergies to all sort of things because he was eating allergy foods
  • Dr. Wallach regained sight 10 legally blind – through nutrients. NOW THAT’S POWERFUL
  • High dosage of vitamin C. goal > 100k orac points a day
  • Regenerative ayurvedic> herbs milk minerals secret recipe people in 30 to 90 days tissue regenerate fast and people look 50 years younger,

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