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Velocity Lean Diet Is Very Good at Helping The Body Cleanse Itself Out While Tearing Up Trash and Junk Tissue, Bad Bugs, Useless Cells Including Cancer Cells…

Of course our interest is in, becoming lean in toned, getting rid of the excess body fat. But sometimes you have junk tissue in the way clogging the way out for the body fat to be assimilated, digested out, burned off and so on.  

So therefore, we need our bodies to go in there and clean out the junk tissue and we can help our bodies do so.

The Velocity LEAN Diet targets this process called autophagy. And we look to maximize a sweet spot of autohphagy without going overboard which would slow down our metabolism.  

It can be a very smart thing to help the body accelerate the vanquishing of puffiness, cellular waste, bad bugs, bad cells and  body fat.  And we can do so in a much smarter way with a new multilayered, more advanced approached to intermittent fasting. 

Yet maximizing autophagy in a smart way is only one of the parts of what make this diet, extremely efficient and POWERFUL.  Come check out the others: 

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