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Looking for Faster, Smarter, Healthier Weight Loss in a Diet?  Learn More About the Velocity LEAN Diet & Eating System!

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Discover an Evolution in Dieting Derived from My 30 Plus Years of Diet Testing & Diet Design for a New Approach to Weight Loss that Combines Weight Loss, Cleansing & Immune System Boosting All into an Extremely Efficient 2 Week Diet...

The Velocity LEAN Diet was Designed for:  Rapid Weight Loss with Components of Deep Internal Cleansing, Gut Biome Overhaul, Craving Reprogramming, Focus, Energy, Muscle Retention, Speed to Lean, Fun, Systematic, Repeatable Until Desired Result is Achieved....

For Real?  For Real! We've been developing health & fitness systems for a lonnnng time. The Velocity LEAN Diet is a MASTERPIECE eating system, from our experience and opinion! Plus it has a tone of health benefits. 

We are going to teach you not only highly effective weight loss principles but we are also going to teach you highly effective deep health boosting principles as noted by various clinical studies and highly successful healthcare professionals.

The more you learn and understand about how your body works and how you can use strategies to get more of what you want from your body and get more of what you want from your body more quickly and easily then you add more personal power to your life.

As you gain greater understanding about the underlying principles mechanics of getting lean and toned and staying lean and toned you will gain powerful skills to improve the overall quality of your life which can then bring forth all sorts of benefits and success. 

Because if you can achieve the body you want and a very healthy body then you're going to not only look good you're going to feel good and that can become highly attractive while boosting your confidence.

So I Wanted This Ideal Diet That…

  • Keeps the metabolism high. Metabolic slowdown is a big no-no in the dieting process because if your metabolism slows down then it becomes a massive struggle to lose additional weight and it also makes you vulnerable to swelling up like a blowfish after you finish the diet and go back to a more regular eating approach.  

  • Maximizes autophagy for cleaning out junk from the body, helping us lose weight while also helping unclogged pathways of excess body fluids and fat elimination.  

  • Cleanses the body while helping all the inner workings of the body.   

  • Burns off visceral body fat which is the dangerous hard to remove body fat that grows between your organs.  

  • Shrinks that potbelly.  Targets belly fat in general.   A flat belly is attractive.  Some may find abs attractive.  Most find just a flat belly to be attractive.  Start on getting your flat belly today!

  • A diet needs to be a fun and exciting adventure instead of the old school monotonous mountain of misery.   For most people, if a diet seems too big and daunting, too complicated with too much work, well then, what's going to happen? Nothing! Most people won't do it or stay on it long.  So instead we made the Velocity LEAN Diet - it's only 10 days in duration!   And you can use that 10 day cycle as many times as you need or go back and forth with another diet, such as, our KETO3.0 diet.   

  • Increases my cognitive ability and helps me focus better while becoming more productive instead of less as with most diets.   

  • Saves me more time – whereas I have been used to diets in the past that simply take up a ton of time (the traditional body building diet which is essentially a 2nd job).   – The Velocity LEAN Diet helps me save more time than ever, it’s one of the most efficient diets, least time involved diets on the planet in my opinion and in my personal experience with this diet.  You may find that to be the case too!  It's so liberating!

Rapid Weight Loss System

The Velocity LEAN Diet & Eating System just may very well be some of the fastest weight loss and fat burning you've ever experienced. Learn this system! Knowledge is weight loss power!

Once you gain the skills that are in the The Velocity LEAN Diet you'll add a powerful ability to have better control over your body for becoming and staying lean and tone and healthier.

Advanced Eating System

The Velocity LEAN Diet & Eating System uses new, advanced concepts that we have derived from our over 30 years in health and fitness personal training and bodybuilding in addition to new discoveries made by using cross correlation techniques that we'll teach you about in the course. And we've been making Health and Fitness Systems all along the way.

With the The Velocity LEAN Diet & Eating System we've Incorporated several synergistic elements, that, when all combined together helps make the Velocity LEAN diet one of the most powerful and effective heating systems on the planet.

Super Healthy Deep Down Cleansing without Having to do a "Cleanse"

When we discovered the power of a concept called autophagy, which is where the body turns on a switch, a "fat burning switch" to go in and cleans out junk tissue from the body, including access body fat, but also useless tissue in addition to cancer cells, we decided to look to maximize autophagy since doing so could be a critical helper in combating modern excess bodyweight struggles.

By targeting the maximization of autophagy we look to also help the body regenerate and restore more into original shape and do so much more easily. Cleaning out the junk issue in the way so cells can healthily reproduce into your gorgeous original design shape is a really smart thing to do.  It's so efficient.  And doing so can also quite possibly resolve many problems in the body when one becomes very clean inside. 

This also means that if we are able to better clean out the junk tissue and the junk fluids, the goo and the grime in the way of us getting rid of excess body fat and having it removed from the body then we can become more lean and toned, agile and strong, more easily and quickly. And various clinical studies support these concepts. And actually it's from those clinical studies where we derived inspiration to aim for maximizing autophagy.

And in order to maximize autophagy what we need to do reach the peak states of autophagy in the body. But in order to do so we can't just directly go for it all the time or for too long or the body's metabolism slows down which makes you vulnerable for a yo-yo rebound after a diet.  And we all certainly do not want that yo-yo weight gaining rebound!

Plus going for the maximum autophagy all the time is mentally, emotionally and physically draining so what we've created is this eating cycle, in fact, the cycle from the core Velocity BURN system which we adapted to the Velocity LEAN diet. And it works amazingly well and solves the metabolism slow down in a genius way.

Targets Eliminating that Dangerous "Visceral Fat", the Fat Between the Organs

Visceral fat is what healthcare professionals call the dangerous type of fat. It's the fat around the organs. That sounds bad just even thinking about it! It's also what makes for that potbelly that you see on a lot of men but also women.

Your organs are critical to your health. You want your organs to have maximum respiration and blood flow in addition to outflow of cellular waste products. If your organs have fat stuffed around it you may hamper your organs abilities to operate while choking off oxygen inflow, CO2 outflow, nutrient delivery and cellular waste elimination.

So therefore it's important to make sure that this visceral fat is eliminated and cleansed from the body. We wanted this aspect in the Velocity LEAN diet so we took an approach that could help us reduce belly fat, normal belly fat on top of muscles and the fat within, around the organs. 

Attacks Tough To Remove Deep Down Body Fat

In order to get lean and toned and super healthy we have to go to work out the deep down body fat. Now the deep down body fat can be called visceral fat which is the fat between your organs which is  also called dangerous fat.  

Additionally, the deep down body fat can just also be referred to as long term fat accumulation storage and troubled areas that have just been hard to get off the body.   These are the zones that tend to accumulate fat first and most quickly Most people have those tough spots  and we need a diet, an  heating system to help us target those fat stores and get rid of them. 

So we created the Velocity LEAN Diet.  And by learning the Velocity LEAN Diet you can gain a powerful  health and lean body getting skill for life that you can use on command whenever you want.

Helps Restore Energy & Agility

We have found that repeated use of the Velocity LEAN Diet  eating system has helped raise our overall energy levels while helping us feel like we can move around better and faster.   

This is likely due to the cleansing effect of the Velocity LEAN Diet has on helping remove junk that is blocking the way of proper movement mechanics.  More oxygen gets delivered deep down, more intercellular waste gets cleaned out more quickly, nutrients can get delivered more quickly and in greater quantities through cells throughout the body when the body's systems and plumbing are clean on the insides. 

Also when one is able to remove dead weight such as excess body fat and other junk tissue and fluids, then of course one should be able to move around more  lightly and quickly.

Helps Correct Your Cravings So You'll Start to Stop Craving those Foods that Made You Fat

Along with the development of the Velocity LEAN Diet we discovered that our cravings for certain foods changed. And this was a good thing in that we started craving the healthy foods, the whole foods, the organic foods that made us healthier and lean more easily.

On top of that our cravings for those junkie foods, those entertainment foods, those convenience foods started to diminish. And that seemed like a miracle! Because it was those foods that made us fat the fastest.

And when you can change your cravings to foods that make you more healthy and lean, while diminishing your cravings for foods that make you fat, well then... that makes getting a lean and toned body a lot easier doesn't it!

Teaches You About Secrets of Healing Foods and Secrets of What Are Bad Foods Although Touted as Good Foods

In modern times at least to the point of this typing most people have been sold a bill of goods on what is actually healthy and what is not.   There are various reasons for this, but regardless, there is good news and now you can learn about and get to know foods that heal versus foods that disrupt the body.  Foods that disrupt the body end up causing health problems while making you fat and more swollen.

It's the little things you do overtime that produce the results. A lot of people do a lot of little things that end up making them fat and sick. So if you can just change the little things that you hardly even notice turning those little habits into ones that heal heal the body and make you lean and toned then getting and keeping  lean, toned, good looking body becomes so much easier.  And when you can keep a good looking, lean and toned body, life becomes much easier, if you haven't experienced that before. 

Learn Our NEW PERFECT Diet Designed from Over 30 Years of Testing & Tweaking for Rapid Weight Loss, Belly Fat Reduction, Better Yo-Yo Dieting Prevention,  Deep Down Body Cleansing and while Ramping Up Nutrients to Incredible Levels... All in One PERFECT 2 Week Cycle!

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