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Velocity BURN Fat Burning & Health Boosting Workout System

Here’s my story: I became really busy with work. This caused me to become less active which got me to eat more junk food and drink more caffeine to replace the stimulation I was getting in my prior “gym rat” lifestyle. And you can guess what happened next…

That’s right! The flubber and blubber started to grow in all sorts of strange places.  It started slowly and sneakily creeping throughout my body. It was so slow and methodical I hardly noticed it until one day I woke up and realized I look like a blimp! It was disgusting.  Okay I wasn’t like Grimace or Jabba the Hut but I was quite a bit puffier, well past my lean & toned standards.  It was embarrassing.

I wasn’t used to this new look. I did not like it. Is was making me depressed. It made me feel sickish. I had squishy parts that I wasn’t used to that were just gross. And the visual and internal result was taking a toll on my life from many angles. So I had to do something about it.  

I started sitting a lot more and had less and less time to work out. The way I usually worked out took me a couple hours a day all said and done. That was just way too much time spent for exercising and the results we’re just not fast enough. Flat-Belly-Burn-Belly-Fat-1680452246743

But instead I wanted a new way that would save me time, save me a lot of time, while making me feel better with more energy. I wanted a near “instant presto” fast new fat burning method that retains muscle and causes a lean body shape.

I wanted a way that was highly efficient so I didn’t even have to work out everyday. And a method that I can do simply every other day and burn a ton of fat off while feeling good again after all that computer work would be even better!

So it now takes just 24 minutes every other day for my clever new fat burning strategy to do its thing which is, rapid, pain free, feel good, little time invested, little effort invested, fat melting that I could even see disappear in the mirror day by day.

Does knowing and mastering such a method sound good to you? It would certainly be a powerful weapon in the battle against excess blubber and pain caused by the modern lifestyle.

May I suggest to you that you learn this Velocity BURN system for yourself and get it down pat.  Use it to get rid of the pain, the extra flub, for becoming better looking, more energetic, more vibrant, plus more agile & quick too.  

Velocity BURN Made My Joints Stronger and Feel Better vs. Other Types of Exercise Which I Found to Be Fascinating…

Also the core Intensity Engagement MATRIX of the Velocity BURN system works very well with the joints.  I can speak from my own 15  years+ testing and using  this system:  the Velocity BURN Intensity Engagement MATRIX is the only type of cardio exercise that makes my joints feel better and better during the workout and after.  And this was a particular concern with my 3 times over surgically “repaired” (or not so repaired) knee.  And that makes Velocity BURN exceptionally valuable to: athletes, bodybuilders, those who’ve gotten out of shape or who have never been in shape and those who are “older”.


And you can learn my new breakthrough principles that will open your eyes to a whole new world of fitness efficiency, lean body getting, rapid weight loss, rapid fat burning and feeling good that comes from cleansing out that painful body biosludge buildup that comes from stagnation, sitting too much or standing too much.  Plus Velocity BURN helps retain muscle better and can arguably build some muscle which is great, especially for body builders versus the old style, muscle burning, slow fat burning 2 hours a day of cardio sessions approach…

So I searched and tested for years…

For this one ideal method.

Of course I was ridiculously idealistic, wanting to “have it all” while being relatively lazy at the same time.

Now I’m not an advocate of being lazy and looking to do the bare minimum but because I became so busy with so many other things that I needed a high efficiency exercise system that would burn my fat off and help me retain muscle and body shape in the process.

So I kept pursuing my search for this one ideal perfect method of fat burning. And after being in the health and fitness industry for a little over 30 years there was no messing around and I demanded something real and genuine. I needed a system that just flat out worked. And then finally one day I had that Eureka moment and then the concept of Velocity BURN was born. In the more I think about it,

Velocity BURN is a concept that took many life experiences and discoveries and put them all together in one moment, in one flash of inspiration. I knew I had my ONE method and I started hammering out the details. But what is Velocity BURN?

It’s an exercise method and system designed for maximum fat burning and minimal time and minimal effort. It’s also an exercise method that helps me reduce and eliminate pain and bad health that comes from too much computer work.

So I decided that I should share and teach others this method, this fat burning system, after keeping this method to myself for a few years. I mean I just had to. I had to help people out. People are really struggling these days with their health and weight. It seems like most everyone else has gotten super busy too.

Therefore today you can access my system for a small fee. Really I could charge a couple k for it. I mean it’s going to cost you that if you were a client of mine just to get rolling. But due to technology these days I can teach many people at once by putting my method into an explanatory video and print course.

Finally An Effective Cardio Workout That Works And That Is Not Boring…

…that is highly efficient for fat burning, that is not some insane, too intense, spaz workout that makes you never want to do that workout again (that many personal trainers give their clients…) and that has multiple safety protocols automatically ingrained (i.e. The Velocity BURN approach is only method that I can do with a older knee injury, or even slight new injuries, even slight muscle pulls for tight muscles – the Velocity BURN method helps loosen up the problems, strengthens them and relieve any pain as incredible as that sounds. This is due to the Intensity Engagement MATRIX that is used in combination with the discovery of what you can call a “mental trick”).

Velocity BURN Can Be Done Easily From Home Without a Gym

Granted you can use the Velocity BURN method on any type of cardio equipment but my favorite method and the method that makes me feel the best and is one of the most effective although other cardio machine types are effective in their own way, is simply running outside. Running outside allows me to get fresh air and some sunshine usually.

But of course you have to have a safe neighborhood and you can’t have dog chasing you around. Yet the good new is that you can use this method even running in place which adds a new dynamic and a new angle using slightly different muscles versus running forward and using momentum.  You can use Velocity BURN for a highly efficient fat burning workout: 

  • Running outside.
  • Running inside, in your home usually with smaller steps while stepping more vertically unless you have a bigger home.
  • You can use a: treadmill, elliptical machine with handles or no handles, a standing bike, a recumbent bike (stationary bikes are usually considered safest for most, elliptical machines are considered 2nd safest), a stair stepper…
  • Jumping jacks, jump rope or even jumping up and down, all three of which have their own powerful benefits. 

Want to Learn How to Burn Fat Faster Than Ever Before without Burning Yourself Out & in a Max 20 to 30 Minutes Every Other Day?Ready-to-Get-the-Job-Done-Velocity-BURN-WORKS

    • Without Blowing Out a Net 3 Hours a Day or More for the Gym? 
    • Without Having to Leave Your Home or Neighborhood?
    • That You Can do Every OTHER Day?
    • That Helps Wipe Away Pain
    • That is Tremendously Health Restorative
    • That is Not Painful or Drainful
    • That Energizes You.
    • That Boost Your Confidence
    • That Boosts Your Productivity.
    • That Increases Your Speed!
    • That Can Help Build Joint Strength.
    • But that Burns Fat Arguably Faster than Just About Any Other Technique? 
    • And Only Takes 20 to 30 Minutes a day?
    • That That Teaches You New Mind, Heart, Physical Body Synergy Techniques.
    • That Shows You a New Way to Generate POWER from Within which is Quite Fascinating and One of the Prime Secrets Behind Velocity BURN!

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Master the Velocity BURN System and Gain a Powerful Skill for Life.  Velocity BURN is Arguably a Mini Health & Lean Body Getting Super Power Once You Turn it into a Habit.  Velocity BURN System & Philosophy Could Become One of the Most Valuable Health Boosters & Fat Burning Weapons Giving You a Most Efficient & High Safety Approach WAY for Getting & Staying Healthy & Lean for Life…


Click Add to Cart to Get Started!  Velocity BURN System & Philosophy Could Become One of the Most Valuable Health Boosters & Fat Burning Weapons Giving You a Most Efficient & High Safety Approach WAY for Getting & Staying Healthy & Lean for Life…

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