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The Truth About What Dr. Otto Warburg Discovered About Cancer

Otto is Misquoted and Misinterpreted Quite Often. It’s Better to Get to the Facts, as Best as We Can Find the Facts First. Because Once We Have the Facts We Can Then Make Better Decisions Afterward on How to Fix Cancer

From all of their research, this article states that just alkalizing and oxygenating alone is not going to vanquish cancer, or the tumors, but the removal of the toxins, toxins of which being the root cause of the tumor’s allowance in the first place, is the answer, which is logical.

Localized toxin buildup causes the body to switch over to an anaerobic metabolism for cells in the localized area, since that area gets choked off by mucous due to a. overtoxification b. lack of nutrients c. wrong types of foods d. lack of blood flow e. back up body sewage system. So your job as a person with cancer is to reverse all that while you still can and while you’re strong enough before you get torn apart by chemo and radiation.

Remember this: Cancer, tumors is a natural body protection mechanism giving you a last gasp chance to change your ways before imminent death. If the tumor did not appear you would have likely died from toxic poisoning. This thinking comes from many who actually cure cancer and have over 90 % cure rates.


  • It is frequently misreported that Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for finding that cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich or alkaline environment.
  • What Warburg discovered and what he was awarded a Nobel Prize for was for simply making the discovery that low oxygen was characteristic of cancer cells.
  • Lack of oxygen is not the prime cause of cancer − toxins are the prime cause of cancer. It is the cancer process itself which causes most of the lack of oxygen, not the lack of oxygen which causes the cancer process.
  • In his later years Otto Warburg became convinced that illness resulted from pollution. This is in line with the findings of the late great French scientist Antoine Bechamp who believed that illness is the result of  a combination of toxins and an unhealthy cellular terrain.
  • Since the beginning of the industrial age, man has created over 100,000 unnatural chemical compounds. These are now in the air we breathe, the soil our plants are grown in, and the water we drink.
  • Providing the body with extra healthy oxygen is still highly beneficial. The trick with trying to beat cancer with oxygen is getting the oxygen inside the cells.
  • Extra oxygen as well as a healthy alkaline diet are both very healthy things to do, but it is the author’s strong belief that relying solely on either oxygen or increased pH to beat cancer is not advisable.


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