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Reprogramming Yourself Proof Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton Interview


  • The stress hormone shut off the immune system
  • Anger causes cancer
  • Deep down emotional issues cause cancer because they are constant negative frequency generators and stress generators
  • Your mindset will shape your jeans
  • Your mind  has the ability to create every single chemical that pharmaceutical companies as well as smoking pot. So you can put on a high with your mind instead of smoking pot instead. Also is reported that most pot sold is loaded with chemicals that cause cancer and cause cancer rapidly.  proof that you can already manufacturer these chemicals is at your body already has receptors for these chemicals.
  • Consistently provable and now finally a mainstream science your behavior patterns form and shape your DNA. Stem cell research Bruce Lipton  prove that even from the basic concept of taking a stem cell and being able to program  the stem cell into whatever tissue he wanted just by changing its environment in the petri dish.   Interesting…..
  • Most of any pharmaceutical success is from the placebo effect. That said Pharmaceuticals kill 300,000 people a year while creating all sorts of new problems in people.
  • Even if you have a “cancer gene” it’s the life style that would trigger any “cancer gene”
  • 1st 7 years of life.  Theta mind set.  Imagination.  They can belief.  Theta state is also hypnosis.  It’s like a subconscious state. Jesuits knew that ‘give me the person for the first 7 years and i’ll show you the man”.  1st 7 years puts a filter on your life.  Belifs filter your reality.  Like religious doctrines can filter the way you look at the Bible accepting only certain things whilie cutting out other Bible verses. 
  • Poor people stay poor.  And rich people stay rich.  this is due to mind set programming especially at age 1 to 7.
  • So reprogram your bliefs and you can reprogram your health and success. 
  • The mind state is passed down through generations if not aware enough to reprogram  your beliefs.  Hence “heriditary diseases” is due to behavior patterns not your genes. 
  • 95% of you life is coming from your subconscious. 
  • Change your beliefs and you do not need to work hard and strain and struggle anymore.  wherever you are strugglins there is a program in your subconsious (a belief) that is going against what you want to do. 
  • Fake it till you make it.  Replace a belief by repetition.  Keep saying it over and over.  Say I am happy over and over.  Do daily journals and write out your beliefs and goals over and over-the same ones and they will become your beliefs.  Once they become your beliefs BAM you have installed an mini super power that will AUTOMATICALLY manifest the success you want.  Huh.  I already knew this from practical experiece and experience analysis and documentation of the observance of the experience. Thanks Bruce for backing me up.  I already prooved that behavioral patterns shape one’s health.  Behavioral patterns can shape a cure for a health problem. Of course Behavior patterns can cause a health problem.   Hereditary genetics  is largely  bologna,   a scam. 
  • Time to take this to the next level. You robot.  You program  you robot.  Throw out the garbage programming from  society and  the poor programming given by parents  you just didn’t know any better.   Throw out the garbage programming from media,  schools,  religious doctrines (put in God’s Word directly instead),  other people,  movies,  music,  news,  Etc and whatever.   And now let’s program ourselves to become super,  great,  awesome,  smart,  Genius,  wealthy,  successful,  happy and so on…

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