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Medbeds Explained

MEDBED Details – They Are Here – 12-Page Document on the Rollout of Med-beds

What’s a MedBed?  Watch the Movie Elysium with Matt Damon and You’ll See one One of the 3 Types of Medbed Can Do

That said. Most things can be cured with food and herbs, used systematically.  If you don’t know by now, you’ve been lied to for decades about health.   Shoot, Dr. Morse even regrew, regenerated some guys toe that fell off due to “diabetes” complications.  Dr. Morse has accomplished far more than that it’s just that he kept showing progress updates of that no toe to toe on a regular basis, as an interesting example..  

Credits:  Information provided by Skye Prince from the Telegram Channel “Skye’s Med Bed Room” 2021, Document “Q&A-MedBeds”

Consolidated writing by Vicki Lea Source