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“Hemp Is a Cancer Cure” Says Dr. Caldwell

“Hemp Is a Cancer Cure” Says Dr. Caldwell

He speaks from his own experience in his own clinic.  He says hemp seeds and then hemp oil have brought the most powerful results for CURING cancer in his clinic.  You’ll have to go research him more to find out more about his knowledge, experience and testing in addition to his clinic.

Also as an idea:  If it’s so powerful to even cure cancer, why not include hemp seeds (organic only) in our diets? A hemp seed habit. Yes.  So I did.  Hemp seeds actually taste good!  I was surprised: So far i use in my special oatmeal concoction (put in after oatmeal is cooked to not ruin any properties of the hemp seeds), in a smoothie and in some baking.

Dr. Caldwell says hemp seed oil flat out cures skin cancer.  He says sun screen cream causes skin cancer (poisons, clogging pores etc).  Hemp seed oil cures skin cancer in 7 days he says.

“Nothing is more powerful, faster and easier that cures cancer in my experience than hemp seed and hemp seed oil…”

Hemp – learn more about it on Wikipedia so you can get clarity on Hemp vs. Marijuana.  Hemp is legal everywhere.  Marijuana is not.



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