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Clinically Proven Mind Cancer Cure Cures Mice for Life and Blood Cures Other Mice Meaning – A New Potential Science Based Cancer Cure Has Been More

  • Will this method work with water?  Water DOES have memory.  He’s making breakthroughs with water.  He’s infusing the emotion state or whatever it actually is technique into water and mentions he is having initial success
  • Has also seen resonance distance healing with other mice, at far distances
  • Now he found that cured mice become permanently IMMUNE to cancer
  • And then he found that the cured mice’s blood when injected into other mice with cancer, cured the other mice.
  • He’s even using this healing intention method infusing into cotton and changes cotton DNA, genomic changes.   
  • Also gets genomic changes in the space of the incubator
  • He’s infusing into music? 

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