Life Force Flush Workouts for Health Restoration & Maximization

Life Force Flush Workouts for Health Restoration & Maximization

Life Force Flush Workouts Monthly Workouts and Education On How to Perform Cleansing Blood Flow & Lymphatic Flow Workouts

"The Power of Life is in the Blood"

  • As many health care experts say: disease happens when toxic sludge builds up and parts of the body become Oxygen Starved
  • Diet can certainly help but it’s really slow
  • Discover our Life Force Velocity Flush Methods for rapidly accelerating healing
  • We’ve used this method to rapidly heal from injury
  • We’ve used this method to resolve joint pain, joint problems
  • We’ve used this method to resolve all sorts of pain, release muscle knots, restore life to “dead” or deaden areas of the body due to stagnation
  • We’ve used this method to help rapidly flush out colds and flus
  • Also think about this:  if cancer and other popular modern day health problems are related to toxic buildup that allows for bacteria, viruses and tumors to grow
  • All methods are done in a graduated way individualized in that we used our own perceived exertion concepts that makes every move and every step done by anyone individually, specific and relative to them, even moment by moment.
  • Every different type of health care professional will say in one way or another that “exercise is good for you”. But that’s too vague a concept for healing and superior health.  We show you how to specifically deliver “Life Force Blows” to pain, suffering and health problem areas for what has been for us, highly and rapidly therapeutic results.
  • Our concepts are designed for any age and just about any physical conditioning since we used personalized self biofeedback methods where as any individual can start from where they are in terms of mobility.
  • Sign up.  Increase your knowledge and understanding.  Acquire new health super powers.

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