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A New Way to Cure Cancer through….

A New Way to Cure Cancer through….Bacteriophages

Video link stopped working:  so here is a search that will bring up many more https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bacteriophage+cure+cancer

  1. they put monkey virus in polio virus which causes cancer so they set up cancer by their vaccine
  3. Keep your immune high
  4. TOO MANY SPICES YOU WILL INFLAME YOUR BODY.  Too much immune inflames your body which causes autoimmune.
  5. Keep moderation in everything.
  6. Even resting for 5 minutes makes a difference.
  7. Treat Super Immunity as study research and reporting not trying to be an expert
  8. B17 said works initially but then not.  But then causes damage.
  9. Be careful don’t damage your liver in process. (So take liver cleanse and regeneration supplements)
  10. Cancer loves sugar.  She grew cancer.  Sucrose = refines sugar actually mutates cancer and makes worse
  11. Can do too much vitamin A
  12. Too much radiation: cell phones
  13. She was a cell phone researcher who got cut off after learning about bacteriaphages which cures cancer
  14. Look up bacteriophages
  15. Pork carries a lot of different viruses.  COUNTRIES THAT DON’T EAT PORK HAVE LOWEST CANCER RATES IN THE WORLD
  16. Mammograms bad, radiation, plus damage glands from squashing
  17. Get a Thermogram not mammogram.  Thermograms find cancer much better and are not damaging.
  18. Men-sitting on hard surfaces, uh oh. Circulation.  men don’t have fat padding like women
  19. she says cook  your food since we can’t chew. Cook moderate

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