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24 Hour 3D-Printed House 90% Less Materials Needed New Concrete Replacement Materials

This What I’ve Been Talking About.  We Need Homes, Complete Homes, That Can Be Made in a Day to a Few Days.  and Then We Need These Homes to Eventually Be 100% Free Electricity, Free Water, Recycled Filtered Water With Indoor and Outdoor Automated Food and Herb Growing Systems….

We need to be able to use recycled materials and or just dirt from the land to make a great and sturdy home vs. these shabby problem infested cinderblock wood frame roof with lame roof shingles.  

There also needs to be water recycling systems, water harvesting systems of different types.  Additionally layers of security and sound proofing need to be built into these homes.

I like that they are going for almost 100% automation of the building of these homes.


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